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Insurance Customer Service Representative

Posted: 05/04/2020

Job Description:

1. Required to be Property & Casualty licensed within the first 6 months of job hire. .
2. Looking for an energetic and outgoing personality. This person will have to have excellent communication skills.
3. Thorough, has to be your middle name in this industry.
4. Problem Solving ... should be your second nature.
5. I need someone who isn't afraid of making a phone call when asked to, a Cold call or otherwise. This isn't a common practice, but may be asked of you. I will have "money led" incentives during certain times of the year, participation is KEY.
6. Training is available
7. Punctuality is very important to my agency. I have a low tolerance for tardiness.
8. Having knowledge of Word and Excel will be important!
9. Works well with others.
10. My office hours are 8am-5pm. I will allow you the option of working 8am-4pm or 9pm-5pm.
11.Preferably Bilingual
Resumes can be submitted to:
~NO LESS than 3 Business Professional references will be accepted.
~In your subject line, You will need to specify: "Position Available: Referred by Chamber of Commerce Job listing"
~Aside from your attached resume to the email.. I want you to list ONE unique factor about you that will make me believe you are qualified for this position.


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