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IT Systems Administrator

Posted: 10/04/2021


Responsible for daily administration, operation, and maintenance of Univance Inc. IT computer and database systems as well as providing user support.  Responsible for providing each department with secure uninterrupted access to data related to their job functions and the software required to access that data. 


  1. Maintains entire network architecture with knowledge of the following: PC network with Windows servers, Active Directory, DNS, desktop workstation support, printer support, routers/switches, wired and wireless networking, Microsoft Office products, Exchange server administration, and FTP.
  2. Supports manufacturing with bar-code and EDI software, reporting, manufacturing software usage and modification, and application development.  Includes design and development of bar-code labels, design and modification of scanning software, modification of manufacturing software for ASN exports, and setup of EDI software for customer and ASN setup.
  3. Responsible for maintaining documentation of system administration asset inventory, warranty and license management, and contracts. 
  4. Applies best practices to mitigate security risks to network through use of anti-virus software, firewalls, etc.  
  5. Ensures backup, retention, and recovery of all critical company data as well as maintaining the disaster recovery plan and modify/validate on an ongoing basis.
  6. Researches system specifications, selection, and installation of new IT equipment, hardware, and software including upgrades.
  7. Knowledge of local area networks (LANs), phone/fax communications, and user level file/folder access.
  8. Develops and monitors company-wide security policies across all users, workstations, and servers.
  9. Creates and/or maintains various management systems, both purchased software and in-house developed, in all departments.
  10. Provides ongoing computer hardware and software troubleshooting support.
  11. Educates and trains new and existing employees on computer related skills when the need is identified, regularly taking opportunities to train employees, and encouraging an ongoing learning environment.
  12. Ability to create and maintain database systems with user interfaces for various company functions.
  13. May be the point of contact for any computerized system administration function such as but not limited to; door lock access, fire monitoring system, time clock system, vending machine communications, machine tool communications, etc.
  14. Provides input for equipment budgeting and monitor actual spending against budget.
  15. Provides technical support after regular hours on an emergency basis. 


  • Bachelor's degree in Science, Information Technology, or a minimum 5 years of experience in a system administration role required, preferably in a manufacturing environment, or a combination of education and experience.
  • Knowledge of database systems such as but not limited to; SQL 20098-2012 and MS Access.
  • Experience in Microsoft operating systems, MS Exchange, and MS SQL; an MCSE is preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written) with the ability to resolve problems in a professional manner.
  • Experience with EDI, visual basic, MS Office, and bar-coding a plus.  

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